About Sarah

Sarah Young, Massage Therapist, LMBT NC 16225

Sarah Young became a massage therapist in 2017, after years of working in the information technology industry. Looking for a different pace and a different impact, and fascinated by what she had learned of the human body through yoga, she pursued massage therapy as another way to help people reconnect positively to their bodies.

In 2018, she opened Santosha Space Yoga & Massage, a business dedicated to helping people build self-awareness through movement and touch. Santosha Space closed during the COVID19 pandemic, but Sarah continues to offer bodywork services.

She is currently fascinated by the nervous system and how it responds to stress and trauma, and how we can support its natural movement toward integration and wellbeing through relationship and through bodywork. Her newest offering is Craniosacral therapy, which uses gentle touch to unwind fascia and tension, while restoring the natural rhythm of cerebrospinal fluid flow, promoting deep calm in the nervous system.

Massage is more than Relaxation

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